• The Journey to Medina

    When the spider hurries to weave its web around the door

    And the doves build its nests and lay its eggs on the floor

    And the tree spreads its branches around your cave

    And against the intricacies Allah spreads his slaves

    Coming to give you shelter and protect you from harm

    While the enemies are in every side spreading the alarm

    There they kept waiting in despair around the sheltering rocks

    While you were there teasing your companion from shock

    And with love you kept saying “Allah is with us, don’t worry!”

    While the night surges all around the cave in a hurry

    What a witness of love greater than this amazing and lovely sight!

    There you begin your quest for freedom late at night

    A miraculous quest from the night of pains and starvation 

    To the dawn of freedom; towards the building of a nation

    And when the rays of daylight break over the lonely night

    Men and women kept waiting with eager eyes your dear sight

    Singing and crying from joy Allah is great, Allah is great…

    The messenger of God shone like the moon upon the land

    Coming to us far away from the valleys and the sands…

    O messenger of Allah you brought honour and joy over the land!




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